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Our Methods

Our Methods

Our operating model is important to us. This provides us with a clear structure to ensure that we have the focus to maintain and innovate in our market. We believe that our disciplined approach allows us to react quickly in various market conditions.

Research Methodology

Our research process allows us to screen several global sources with companies, currencies, commodities and bonds that provide the best fit with our strategy.

We believe that we maintain our research quality through the following values:

  1. Attention to detail: through in-depth analysis techniques and a multistage process.
  2. Conviction: in our research techniques and ability to select components that fit our strategy.
  3. Openness: by sharing information and ideas for constant improvement.


Investment Process

Our investment process enables us to react successfully to multiple market events by utilising a portfolio-based philosophy which allows us to efficiently gear our investments to provide optimal levels of return.

Our investment process is based upon the following values:

  1. Flexibility: of investment choices and directions to suit market conditions and changing volatility.
  2. Dedication: to continuous trading and investment process innovation and improvement.
  3. A unique understanding: of the key economic drivers behind the global financial system.

Risk Management

Our risk management procedures help to ensure effective management of the various components of systematic and market risk. We ensure that refining our risk exposure is at the core of whatever we do.

We expect the following values throughout our risk management process:

  1. Transparency: in our risk reporting methods and procedures to ensure compliance and openness.
  2. Pragmatism: displayed towards our approach of matching the investment risk to market conditions.
  3. Constant development: of our risk models and back-testing processes to ensure relevancy.

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